A Question about tuition fee

Hello Kaiting and all:

First, thank you for this incredible and informative website, it helps a lot for me and I plan to apply for HCI program in 2020 fall. Since tuition fee is an important factor when I consider a school, just a little confused about how do you estimate tuition fee on the website? Are those from official website of each university?


There is only “tuition fee” on this website, not including other costs.
Maybe you can try to search the information of" The Cost of Attendance + program name", and you’ll have a clearer picture about the total cost of the program you’r interested in.

All tuition fee info was taken from each school’s official website based on the 2019 rate. For a 2-year program, I simply doubled the amount of the annual tuition fee.

Note that the tuition fee does NOT include miscellaneous fees and cost of living, which tend to vary among different schools/locations.