Appreciate your site

Hello Kaiting,

I just want to thank you for building this site because it helps me to find the school I want. I just got in to Maryland Institute College of Art, UX program. I’m grateful that there are people like you who are willing to help out the newbies like me.

I have an extensive art background ( good at digital/traditional art), but no knowledge in UX/UI at all. I’m currently taking some classes on coursera in order to be more prepared for the upcoming semester. It would be wonderful if you could share some of your insights with me. Anything would be helpful!

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you

Hi Anabel,

Congrats for getting the offer!! In terms of getting more prepared, please check out this response.

You are welcome to share your experience of school applications by replying this thread. This will be very helpful for the prospective students in the future. Thanks! :slight_smile: