Architecture and Interacton Design

Hi ! I’ve enrolled in a bachelors degree in Architecture and am planning to do my masters in HCI / UI UX .

  1. Will a bachelors degree in architecture be of any help or is another stream better suited?
  2. What to do in these 5 years to create a good portfolio for graduate school ?
  3. Which countries other than US offer good masters programs in HCI ?
  4. Do I have to prepare for any additional exams to enrol in M.HCI ?

Heyy! I am not an expert but a graduate looking for masters in UI/UX same as you.

  1. In certain schools you need to have a bachelors in design or 30 credits from design courses which I guess you will have. So that might help but not in every school. Be sure to find a school that you like and check their requirements.

  2. Find a part time job in digital design agency. If you cant just educate yourself and create some personal projects. You can find many online portfolios as an inspiration.

  3. Check this cool website for outside US unis with this specialization

  4. As of what Ive seen they usually need a portfolio, motivational letter and a proof of english proficiency.

My question is. Are you in your first year of the Architecture school? Is there a reason why you want to study UX/UI afterwards and not now?

Good luck,

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Thank you Denis : ))

The thing is that I’ve come to know about UI/UX pretty recently when I was searching online for graphic designing courses , Adobe courses etc. And I got really interested . However , I’ve already appeared for the national and regional engineering exams and secured a seat . I also searched on the net and found out how people from varied backgrounds enter the world of interaction design so I thought maybe continuing with the engineering plan wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

So far I’ve secured a seat in Architecture . Haven’t started classes yet . Architecture is an intersection of both science and design .
So do you think it can be considered as a design course (including credits in the architecture course)?
As for personal projects, do freelancing projects or a Behance account count ?
Will I have to learn coding beforehand?