Bentley HFID Program - BOTH coasts 🙌

Hi there! I’m a grad of the Bentley program and saw you have it located in SF. The great thing about this program is it’s actually on BOTH coasts, AND online.

The physical campus, most classes and staff are based in Waltham, MA just outside Boston. That’s right in the middle of a great UX community. Even better - the program has a San Francisco cohort (meaning they run two intensive classes each quarter in SF with west coast teachers and clustering of online students from the Bay Area).

UX Magazine put Bentley at #1 - and you can see the other ratings on the school site here:

More about how the locations work:

Hi Kristin, it looks like students in this program will spend more time at Waltham, MA than SF? I’ll modify it soon. Thanks for the info!