Choice between Purdue, Indiana and Michigan

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In these times of crisis, I hope everyone is safe and well in their homes.

I was expecting to join a graduate course this fall in USA. Currently, I am at the stage of making a choice between Universities and courses. Any input/advice on the same shall be extremely helpful. I have a design background and I enjoy UX design and UI design equally. Attaching a table I made for your perusal.

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It’s hard to give any advice without knowing your preference for the criteria. What do you want to get out of the program and how much financial flexibility you have? :slight_smile:

The only thing I’d add other than this table is that Purdue’s program offers resources related to Animation and Games if that’s what you are into.

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Thank you so much for responding Kaiting. I prioritised courses on offer and expenditure and finalised Purdue. TA opportunity there is particularly exciting. While asking around I also got to know that Indiana’s program is quite old and hence reputed. Hope this information helps someone who is caught up in a similar situation :slight_smile: have a good day

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Late to the party, but congrats on you decision! Can I ask you how you estimated the costs of programs? I’ve only really considered cost of housing and tuition. Your numbers look high, so I’m interested to see if there’s things I’m not taking into account!

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I used estimated cost calculators given on the websites of these universities. They include miscellaneous costs as well, like books and travel. Mostly, they were specific for a semester and tuition differed with amount of credits taken, so I did some maths and calculated them for 2 years worth. I always rounded up to the upper limit, keeping some space for wiggle, so they might not be that precise. Any correction/ more specific information is appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: