Confused about what doubleMajor should I do and about work visa

Hi I’m Maggie, I’m an international student majoring in computer science in San Diego state university. I’m confused if I should double major in psychology or graphic design, if I want to pursue for UX design. Which one would benefit me the most?

Also you mentioned about having a work visa while applying for jobs but since I’m an international student the company would have to sponsor me for the H1b visa. What are the chances that the company would sponsor for a UX designer?

Hi Maggie,

I think both Psychology and Graphic design will help. I guess it comes down to which skill you feel less likely to teach yourself. Take myself for example, I actually never had a formal “graphic design” education. Even when I was in IxD and HCI program, there wasn’t really a foundational graphic design course for me to take. However, I was able to educate myself the basics through online resources (e.g. MOOCs).

Generally speaking, the larger the companies, the more likely that they can afford the cost and waiting time of the H1b sponsorship. I’d definitely keep your net wide, applying for as many mid-large size companies as possible when you first start.

Good luck! :slight_smile: