Confused on where to start planning for a Masters

Hi everyone,

I have recently moved from development to design and recently took up a job in UX. However, I don’t see much growth or learning here and want a boost in UX in terms of learning and career opportunities. I thought a good way for that would be to get a master’s program. I am not sure where I should look. Would Europe be a better place for a masters or the US? Or how about other countries such as Australia or New Zealand or places in Asia? I know US is a great place for a career in UX, but i was wondering if there are any other places where the job market for UX is pretty good too. What is a good job market other than the US for growth in UX design?
I am confused and need some direction to start looking into a Masters in UX.

Any inputs will be helpful.



If a “pretty good” job market means the amount of job opportunities and compensation, you probably wouldn’t find anywhere in the world that’s as good as the US.

One of the key challenges I see to pursue a career in Europe or Asia is the language barrier (assume you don’t speak the local language). UX is a field that requires frequent communication with clients, users, cross-function partners…etc. Without mastering the local language, your career growth will be very limited.

I unfortunately don’t have much insight into other English speaking countries (Australia, New Zealand, UK…), but you can probably get a general sense by searching for UX-related jobs in a specific region. For example, there are 287 ux designer jobs in Sydney, comparing to 907 ux designer jobs in Seattle.

Good luck!