Experience level for a Masters programme in UX

Hi Kaiting,

Thank you for sharing your insights and learnings, it is nice to hear from you experience. This website is fantastic!
So, I am a programmer who is evaluating Masters programmes in UX to change career lanes. I’d like to know what experience level is expected in a Masters programme.
Take, for example, your experience with TU Delft v/s UW MHCID. Is full-time work experience a requirement for UW and not so much for TU Delft?
Personally, I am quite inclined towards a 1 year programme (the likes of MHCID) and I’m considering whether it is appropriate now or after some full-time experience. At the moment I have done personal projects and freelance work, with this would I be able to sufficiently compete in my 1 year Masters or do I need more learning? What do you think?

Hello Fern,

As far as I know, both TU Delft and UW MHCID welcome students with or without working experiences. UW MHCID may weight the working experience more because the program is more career-oriented.

Having a programming background is definitely a good starting point to transition to UX! Although it’s hard to evaluate if 1 year is enough without looking at your portfolio. Also, different people have different learning speed. In my opinion, if you are a self-motivated fast learner, a full-time dedicated learning for 1 year can make a big difference.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Kaiting,

I’m doing my final year in Biomedical Engineering in India. I transitioned to UX 6 months back and now I’m a UX design intern at a digital marketing startup. I’m on the process of building a portfolio website and I’m planning to apply for Canadian universities for fall 2021. I recently approached an educational consultancy here, they said that I must have at least 1 year of work experience to apply for UX programs otherwise my chances of getting admitted is very bleak. Is that so?