From Communication Design to UXD

Hello Everyone!
I am Srikanth Iyer, I’m doing B.Des in Fashion Communication Design at National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. I will be graduating this August. I have a good portfolio in Graphic Design and Photography but nothing related to UI/UX so i don’t know about the possibilities of getting through the admissions.

I would like to completely narrow it down to UXD for my masters as Interaction Design seems diverse and that was the same issue with Fashion Communication as it was very diverse. I had Fashion Photography, Fashion Styling, Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Multimedia and Web Design and Fashion Journalism as my core subjects with a strong base of Design Research. I would like to completely narrow it down to just User Experience Design as Design Research was a part of my course.
I’m thinking to do two years course in UXD, i don’t find just UXD in most of the universities and Mostly, it’s UXD being a part of Interaction Design. I was looking for Universities in US, Canada, Netherlands, UK and New Zealand. It’s either too expensive to afford or the stay after study seems quite uncertain. There’s couple of things that i’m primarily looking for, A good University with affordable Tuition fees, Two years degree in UXD, a decent market with good job opportunities and Also i’m thinking to stay permanently and work in the place where i’ll be studying.

How is New Zealand for UXD? I’ll be applying for M.Des in UXD in Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Are they good? Is there any other country and university that I should consider? Am i going in the right direction? Please do share your thoughts.
Thank You.

Hi Srikanthiyr,

Having a design-related undergrad definitely made a head start for your UX career. :slight_smile:

To summarize your requirements:

  • 2-year UXD master program
  • Affordable tuition
  • Stay permanently and work in the country after graduation
  • Decent job opportunities in the country

I took a look at the two universities in New Zealand you listed here. I’m not sure if these schools will fulfill your needs, because they are both 1-year program and they aren’t particularly affordable for international students.

I can’t speak for the UX job opportunities in NZ since I’ve never worked there or participated in their UX community. Yet, based on my experience living in Australia back in 2009, my guess is that Australia would probably have more job opportunities than NZ in general because it’s a much bigger country nearby and I knew quite a few New Zealanders who relocated to AU for jobs.

For reference, the UX designer salary in New Zealand is ranged from NZ$55000 to NZ$100,000 (≈$37,090 to $67,437) according to Glassdoor,11_IN186_KO12,36.htm

Have you looked at schools in Canada? To be specific, the following two programs:

Good luck!!