Graduate school choice review

Hello folks, I am a final year student pursuing my bachelor’s in computer science and engineering from India. Willing to apply for a couple of universities this week and hence, wanted to gather some thoughts regarding them.

I have a CGPA of 6.9 (scores of 2 final semesters remaining),
GRE : 279 (bad luck:() and an IELTS score of 7.5 (LRWS: 8,7,7.5,6.5), I also have a decent work experience of about a 2-2.5 years working in different content, marketing, research and design roles in form of freelance, part-time as well as internship opportunities .

With that in mind, can anyone help me out with reviews of the hci/UX programs offered at the following universities?

  1. Purdue University (MS in CGT with specialization in game and UX design)
  2. DePaul University (MS in HCI)
  3. San Jose State University (MS in Human Factors/ergonomics)
  4. University of Texas at Austin (M.S. in Information Studies with the concentration of Interaction Design (MSIS))

I would like a short review in terms of course curriculum, program reputation and post graduation opportunities.

Also, if anyone could suggest me more Universities or programs that would be much appreciated as well:)