I want to pursue UX design

Hello all,
Happy New Year!!
My name is Priyan, from India. I have completed three year bachelor’s degree in 2003 in Electronic science. Computer programming was one of the subject and I was more interested in building gui based design. Eventually I ended up joining in a software firm as web designer with emphasize of java programming. I was more keen to work with print and digital media. Hence worked as a designer for few top notch companies in India.

Recently I’ve done a certification in UX from india and It really help me to understand more about design and design thinking. Now i wanted to explore more about this topic and keen to have build a solid profession in UX. So that I am thinking of pursuing a UX master degree. Or diploma which can give in depth knowledge of UX.
I was surfing through many college websites and didn’t get any idea where I want to pursue. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join a university degree without any scholarship Or where the tuition fee is none.
I really appreciate if any one can give idea about college in Europe.


Hi Priyan,

Please accept my belated Happy New Year!

It sounds like you want a Master’s degree in Europe with scholarship opportunities. I think your best bet is to first identify schools you are interested in based on your criteria, and just directly ask the school representatives regarding scholarship requirements. Since scholarships will highly depend on the school philosophy and your situation (e.g. academic performance history, ethnic background, etc), it’s unlikely that you will get a specific answer here.

Also, check out this q&a if you haven’t!

Good luck!