IIT or Loughborough or UAL

Hello, everyone.

May I write my concerns here?

I am a student who is about to go to graduate school.
I sincerely thank this site. I learned about many universities and courses through this site.

I have to decide which school to choose from the offers that I received.

The place where I got accepted…

**UAL / London College of Communication **
MA User Experience

Loughborough University
**MA User experience **

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Design
MDes Design

( I applied two-county which are the USA and UK. So, I’m worried about the huge difference between Chicago and London…)

I’ve set my own standards, but it’s hard to find information about the current reputation of the school, rate of career.

No matter which country I go to, I am still an international student.

Could you give me an answer to my serious future concerns?


Congrats on the offer! Some thoughts about your concerns:

  • It might not be meaningful to compare schools from different countries since they belong to different systems and job markets.

  • I don’t think anyone can give you an answer. The only thing you can do is to gather as much information as possible and make the decision based on YOUR needs and wants. I suggest thinking about the following questions:

  • You said you’ve set your own standards. What are those standards?

  • Why did you apply for schools in the US and UK in the first place? Which country do you prefer to stay long term? Have you checked the latest immigration policy for both countries? Also, check out this answer if you haven’t.

  • Have you talked with alumni from these schools? What do they say?