Kingston university

I have got into M.Sc. in User Experience in Kingston university!
Is Kingston will be a good option for me to pursue UX and what is the job scenario in UX in London?

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ME too !!! I was trying to contact as many alumni as I could from Linkedin! I heard their teaching is a bit out-of-date but has many client-facing projects (if you like those companies then that’s goo), and the faculties are friendly. However, bear in mind that it’s not easy for international students to get a UX-related job in the UK if you have 0 previous experience. I hope this helps ! I am also struggling offer from ASU and Kingston. Good Luck!

I am looking forward to do my Masters in UX & have completed my bachelors in architecture. I would like to know your experience so far about your UX course and how do you feel about your transition from architecture to UX.
I am not so sure to do my MS in UX and will it be worth it, as I too come from an architectural background.
So reaching out to people who have switched to UX and would like to hear your experience as well and it would be really helpful for me to make my decision.
Thank you.


So I accepted the offer from Kingston University and wouldn’t encourage anyone to come here unless the situation changes.
This year (2022) we have 170 students with only 2 professors, which you can imagine how bad the teaching qualify could be. Also, the whole faculty haven’t been very supportive. You need to be VERY VERY independent and get the related resources on your own. Apart from that, the efficiency of the administrative process of the whole school is unbelievably slow. With the same input, you deserve better. In London there are other universities that have similar tuition fees as Kingston’s, you may consider Goldsmith or City, University of London. Good Luck everyone!


Hey! Even I am thinking of transitioning from architecture to UX. I wanted your guidance on where to pursue Masters in UX Design. What are you currently up to, are you still pursuing architecture or did you get into some foreign university?