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Hey Kaiting, Thanks for creating this website, hope universities will learn from this in terms of UX. Normally it is annoying experience to find the cost of the program from university website as they will route to multiple other pages which you made it one click here.

I am currently in business development domain and wanted to switch to experience design. I have shortlisted Harbour Space University program which ranked 7th in your non-US list. I wanted ask if you can share additional details about this program like Pros & Cons and your thought about this program.


Hi Jayshil,

Ya, I agree that it’s difficult to get a clear overview of the cost of degrees from their websites. That’s one of the pain points I tried to address on this site. :slight_smile:

I’ve never studied at Harbour Space University, so there’s very limited info I can provide you. I suggest reaching out to alumni from the school to get more info.

Note that the “ranking” on this site is currently based on one survey I did early this year. Please treat it as one reference point only and use other resources (alumni, UX professionals in Spain…etc) to make the decision.

Good luck!

Hi Kaiting. I was looking at the link but the US ranking list seems to not be able to open ( Is there any other place that I can see the link for reference? Best

Hi Jackie, the link is working on my end. Please try again. Thanks!

Thank you! Great! I tried again and it worked!