Pratt iXD MS vs UTAustin MSIS MS

Hello Kaiting and everyone,
I recently was accepted to:

  1. Pratt iXD MS program(w/ 10k/year scholarship)
  2. UTAustin MSIS MS Program

As a junior designer in Taiwan with 1+year experience in UX field, I hope to gain more on UX research/ design skills during graduate program. And I also hope to find a job after graduating from the graduate program (as an international student).

What I care about the most:

  • Which program will provide more resources/connections to students?
  • Which program will provide a better curriculum for UX designer?
  • Which program is overall more helpful/reputable in the UX field in the states?

These two schools are so different that I have difficulty deciding…
Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you so much!!