Pratt ixd, SVA Interaction Design, IIT ID, or NYU IDM?

Hi all, my name is Erika and I recently got admitted to Pratt Information Experience Design, SVA Interaction Design, IIT ID, and NYU IDM, and I’m really struggling to decide which school to go to.
I have a little over a year of experience as a UX Researcher but I don’t have much experience in design and I wish to explore both UX design and research in graduate school (not sure if I want to focus on design or research yet). Also, I want to build my portfolio through course projects so I want to go to a school that offers practical courses. Basically, the most important factor for me is employability.

Pratt IXD is a great program but I heard from alumni that it’s very research-focused and that I would have to take courses outside of school to learn product design.
SVA offers courses in both research and design but I feel like Pratt is more well-renowned? and the tuition is double that of Pratt.
IIT has an ideal program but I want to be in NY and its reputation isn’t as good as other schools I believe.
NYU IDM offers interesting courses but they’re really broad and I feel like it’s not practical enough to build a portfolio and find a job as a UX designer/researcher.

I need to make a decision soon but I really don’t know which school would be the best fit for me. I would greatly appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks!

Hi Erika,

In terms of the course content, it looks like you have some concerns about the “research-focused” program. I must say that in the academic environment, nearly all disciplines are research-focused. If you only want to learn the “practical skills” (e.g. Figma), then an online course is a much faster and more affordable way to go. In my opinion, the real “user experience” course should include many research components (e.g. Psychology, User testing, Technology, etc), not just about making mocks. :slight_smile:

In terms of the location, only you can decide if NY is worth it. Good luck!

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