/// READ BEFORE POSTING /// Welcome!

Hello, aspiring UX designers/researchers,

Welcome! I created this forum for people to exchange ideas about UX education and career. Before making a post, please:

1. Check the FAQ page
I already answered many common questions on this page.

2. Search similar posts in this forum
You may get your questions answered this way already.

3. Give context to your question. Don’t just ask the “big question”.
For example, if you just ask “should I pick school A or school B”? It’s very difficult for anyone to give you meaningful insight since we don’t know what criteria you care about, and we are most likely not the school alumni. If you truly want people’s opinion, please tell us more about you – your academic background, your past working experience, your constraints (location, visa, finance), etc, so that we can better help you.

4. Contribute back when you can
This forum will not be sustainable if most people only ask questions, get the answers, and leave. If you have ever benefited from this forum, consider sharing what you know with others too. :slight_smile:

Thank you and good luck for your UX journey!

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