Requesting deadlines for Spring Intake

Hi Kaiting,
First of all thank you for this amazing website!
I am preparing to apply for Masters in Interaction Design or HCI. But I think I am lacking a bit and not sure whether I can gather all the requirements for Fall Intake.
If not, I would like to apply for the next intake which is Spring. But I guess not all Universities are open for Spring applications.
So, it would be really helpful if you can add a section about the spring intakes of the universities and the deadlines for the same.

Thank You

Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I thought about adding Spring admissions, but I simply don’t have time to do it (I’m the only person working on this site in my spare time). If you manage to go through all the Spring programs, it would be really helpful if you can share the information back to the community. Feel free to contact me by then so I can add the info. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I totally understand.
Here’s a list of Universities that I have checked so far, which have Spring intakes with deadlines around Sept-Oct:
Arizona, Purdue, Michigan State University, California state Long Beach, Pratt and Rochester Institute of Technology.
Hope this helps!

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