Requirements for MS HCID ,UW

Hi Kaiting!
Thank you so much for providing such exhaustive information on your website. I am planning to apply for a HCI programs for fall 2021 and since you are a HCID graduate , I would love to get your advice on the whole application process. I’ve heard from many that UW requires relevant work ex for both its program. Do you have any suggestions for a fresh undergraduate regarding the whole application process, and how they should be working on their portfolio ? or should I apply to UW after getting some work ex?


As far as I know, the MHCID program at UW does admit fresh undergraduates, so I don’t think having working experiences is a must. In terms of how to stand out, it would be a plus if you come from a related major (e.g. Psychology, Computer Science, Graphic design…etc). Also, it will be more convincing if you have a strong portfolio. Perhaps you participated in UX/HCI studies? Related internships? Personal projects? The key is to show your genuine interest and demonstrate your potential.

With that said, I’ve never participated in the student selection process. For specifics, I suggest you directly reach out the program to get more information. Good luck!!