Review for Royal College of Art, Innovation Design Engineering Program


Royal College of Art in London, UK, comes across as one of the best art and design colleges in the world (at least from what I have been able to find on the internet). While they have programs like service design etc., one particular program that could lead graduates into the UX industry is Innovation Design Engineering (again, only based off of my research on the program). The program seems extremely interesting but the college is altogether missing from the list of schools on the site. I was hoping to get an objective review of the program, and the institution itself.

Program link:

Hi, thanks for the info! I’ve added the school and program on the list:

Based on my understanding, historically RCA’s curriculum skews toward fine arts / theory / critiques / experiments, not so much about User Experience, Information, HCI, etc. I took a look at IDE’s programme specification, it does mention some UX concepts like human factors, behaviour, systems design and human-centred design solutions. My guess is that it probably emphasizes more on the physical aspect of design than the digital one.