Rutgers UXD program

I got an offer from Rutgers master of business and science - UXD program, but I didn’t see that program on the ranking. Does anyone know about that program? :thinking:

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If you are referring to, I don’t see any UXD mention on the website?

And I’d be curious to know the focus of the program since Business, Science and UXD are three very different domains, which seems super hard to cover in one Master’s program.

Hi Kaiting,

I actually also got into this program recently and am curious to see what your thoughts are on the program.

Here is a link to their UXD program for a business and science this can be done full time and or part-time:

They also have a program in MI with an interaction design concentration:

In MBS in UXD program you are able to take coursing in the MI are for electives but for the MI you are only able to take classes in the MI area.

Hello @dmono3,

I’m interested in these two programs. May we have a further private talk? Btw if the program in MI is a STEM program?


Hi Luke,

Sure thing, you can message me on LinkedIn if you would like.