Should I attend CMU MDES as a low income student?

Hey guys!

Does anyone know anything about the CMU Master of Design program? Is it worth it to go?
I have less than a week to make a decision.

Some context:
I was originally waitlisted then learned that I was accepted. Because I was notified later I missed my opportunity to apply for a lot of external grants. It’s a very pricey program and COVID hit me hard financially. Don’t even know if I have enough for the deposit. Is it worth it to pull out the loans for this program?

My background is in furniture design and I wanted to potentially get into UX positions for assistive furniture/product design. I don’t have a strong foundation in UX design because I worked in design/manufacturing. I have been taking some UX courses on the side or teaching myself through textbooks.

How likely do you think it would be to get a UX job without the Mdes? Is anyone here working a UX job that has been in a similar position as me?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

I don’t know anything about the CMU program, but you could benefit from reading this post: