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For submitting a UX program, please include the program’s URL. (Currently I only listed English + Master’s programs to keep it manageable. Yet, feel free to still submit a non-English program for the record and potential future application.)

For reporting data errors, please include the URL to the source of truth.

Thank you!

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We would very much appreciate it if you could enlist our UX Management Master’s course at the UAS Technikum Wien. Details can be found here: (german only)

thanks in advance


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Northeastern MPS in Digital Media with concentration in Interactive Design available for both Online and at Boston Campus.

Thanks for the infoMina0921! I added the program you mentioned here and also another program I found at Northeastern University.

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There is also both online and non-online Interactive Media Design MA & MFA at SCAD

Thank you so much for this platform.

I’ve had my eyes on this course by Rice University and was surprised not to have seen it on the list. Is there any particular reason? Secondly, do you think this course is reputable enough with a large alumni network? Since this course is in their psychology department, I thought it could give me an edge to learn human factors alongside HCI. I’d also like to know if the other courses you know of include some form of Human Factors into their courses as I believe it will give “UXers” an edge

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I just added the program to the site:

The reason it wasn’t there is simply that I have not met anyone from this program and you are the first person who told me about it. :slight_smile:

At the first glace, the courses offered by this program are pretty research-oriented. It can be a plus if you are aiming for a UX researcher (v.s. UX designer) career path. I suggest reaching out to alumni to find out more details.

Thank you so much for your feedback :blush:. I’ll take that into consideration

With regard to the Iowa State University Online Program (ranked 13):

  1. It appears that Iowa State University offers both an M.S. and M. HCI online
  1. It appears students of the online M. HCI program are assessed in-state tuition (see #18)

I think this information could help people when comparing the cost of attendance to other programs.

Thanks for the info Oquirrh! I updated the tuition. :slight_smile:

Hi Kaiting, I came across the Center for Digital Media in Vancouver when I was seeking for UX-related graduate programs in Canada. It shares resources with University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Admissions are quite competitive based on my knowledge.

We would be grateful is you would include the undergraduate degree in UX at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. This is a full 4 year bachelor of design degree that includes courses in psychology, graphic design, UX research, programming, maker labs, mobile app development, immersive design, UX strategy and much more.

Hi Kaiting, Thanks for creating this website, its very helpful. I noticed that the deadline for M.S. HCIM at University of Maryland is on 15th Jan on the University website, whereas here it is stated as 15th Feb. Please update. Thanks

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I found this on Quora addressing some universities in Canada and their HCI programs. I thought you might be interested in taking a look and maybe adding some of those universities to the platform. It’s a question answered by a Phd Student that knows most of these professors and gave feedback on the programs. Here’s the link

Hey thanks for gathering such a great list, I encounter this website when I was looking for some ux programs I think you could add some of them to your list

Hi, I found tuition fee mentioned $19,734 / 1.5 year is wrong for this program - As per university website link, tuition fee is $12402 for state resident students and $25470 for non-resident students. Here is website link -

Calculation for non-resident students -
Total units - 33
Tuition Fee for 7 or more units per semester is - $ 4134
Addition fee for non-resident student is - $396 per units

Hi jaysheel016, thanks for the info! I updated the tuition fee of CSULB MA_HXDI. Here is how I roughly calculated the fees (the actual fee will depend on how many credits a student take each semester):

  • In state: $3588/7 * 33 = $16915
  • Out of state: $3588/7 * 33 + $396 * 33 = $29983

Hi Kaiting, You have updated other way on website. Out of state fee is updated for In state. Pls check. Also I want to share this idea of developing a browser plugin which will give summary of important things like you have developed for UX schools. So whatever university page student is surfing and want to quickly know the program summary, they can just click on the plugin and it will show exactly how it show on your website. Initialy data input can be done by crowd data fill same like wiki and later can be verified by university if they are willing. This can be scaled to any programs irrespective of university/country. Based on my experience of surfing university websites, it really takes your time to get the all important things and this problem can be solved with plugin idea. Let me know your thoughts on this.

I was wondering if you would add Hyper Island’s MA in Digital Experience Design to the list. They are accredited by Teesside University.

Thanks for your work!