UW HCDE or MHCID Which one to choose?

Hello Kaiting! First of all i’d like to thank you for creating this website. It was very helpful in shortlisting and choosing Universities to apply for masters in UX.

I have received an admit from UW HCDE as well as MHCID courses! I am more inclined towards the HCDE course as it is at a more relaxed pace and offers an opportunity for internship. My goal from the masters degree is to gain knowledge about UX design as a whole (haven’t yet decided on any particular specialization area of UX) and get work experience in the USA working with one of the best tech companies on the west coast.

With this broad goal in mind, which program do you suggest? Among HCDE and MHCID, is there any which is more preferred by the industry and the job market in general? What was your personal experience? Is there any reason you chose the MHCID program?

Your suggestion and help is much appreciated!
Thank You!

Hi Sammal,

Congrats on the admissions!

In my opinion, the only key difference between HCDE and MHCID is the length of the program (1.5 year v.s. 1 year). For the former, you will have the opportunity to do a summer internship before graduation.

I only applied for MHCID because I felt I can be job-ready in 1 year in the US (also to save some $$). However, if you think you need more time to learn and gain experience, HCDE might be a better option.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thankyou soo much for your response!!