UW MSIM - UX track (compared to MHCI+D & HCDE?)

Hi Kaitling (and everyone else),

I know that MHCI+D & HCDE have been covered here quite thoroughly but I was curious if you had an opinion on the MSIM degree from the I School, as it has a specialization in UX. I noticed several of the MHCID professors + lecturers come from the I School, so I’m wondering if one could do the MSIM and cobble together a degree that is similar to HCDE / MHCID.

Did you know any MSIM students when you were doing your degree? Did they have similar outcomes and access to similar classes?

The downsides (as I see it) are that you will have a more diluted cohort (with other people studying / focusing on subjects other than UX, and having to take required infosci courses that go outside the scope of more relevant coursework.

Because MSIM is still admitting students on a rolling basis, I’m considering applying, especially if I get rejected from my other applications. It seems much less selective compared to MHCID & HCDE.