Ux masters in Spain

I would like yo begin thanking you for this valuable information.
I would like to talk about masters in Spain. The programs in this country target latinamerica really hard (I’m peruvian) but we often encounter programs that are not fully accredited by the goverment of Spain. One example beign Harbour.Space University. Even this (link https://harbour.space/faq/is-harbourspace-a-fully-accredited-university). this is one of the reasons why it’s difficult to go for some of these schools.
Does anybody has information about any of these programs?
One addition i would like to make is to the masters list is the online one year masters program from UNIR. I have not attended to this school but it is a fully accredited university (link https://www.unir.net/ingenieria/master-experiencia-usuario/549200001535/)

Thank you.