Various Career Questions

Hello! I read your FAQ section and saw you got a job at Google. I have several additional questions, thanks for answering any of them!
Was this your first job in the UX field?
You said it took about 4 months from applying to officially get hired there, were you given any other job offers sooner or during those 4 months?
How much of your work requires group work and how much is individual?
How much coding or use of programming language is required in your work?
Do you ever have the option to work from home? If so, how often or is it looked down on?
You described it as essentially a 9-5 but can you work any hours, such as late nights, as long as you attend any meetings and such?
In general how would you describe your stress vs satisfaction levels?
Sorry if this is too personal I don’t expect an answer but I am curious, if this was your starting job at google and you had no prior work experience (including internship) what was your approximate starting salary? (If you don’t want to give an exact answer could you say if it was more or less than expected and how you felt about it?)
Again sorry for so many questions I don’t know anyone in the field and I am just beginning it!

Hi, perhaps the last paragraph in this article can answer some your questions about my journey.

In terms of questions regarding my experience at Google, there are definitely ups and downs just like every other job I had, but overall I’ve grown a lot as a designer, have a good work-life balance and I’m very grateful for having this opportunity. :slight_smile: