Which masters would be more reputable?

After my completion in BA in Art this Fall, I will be applying for masters in IxD/UXD. I’m leaning towards online degree that has high reputations.
The three I am deciding between are Northeastern (Digital Media: Interactive Design), MICA (UX Design), and UCI (MHCID).
My academic interest does not have much limits, so I do not mind the curriculum, but I would definitely like to know which school I will be able to benefit the most when getting a job in the future: program standards, portfolio, etc.
I’m not an international student, so I don’t care about the post-work visa, but I am trying to stay within the Washington State.

One data point for your reference: currently the programs on this site are ordered by the school reputation survey I conducted in Mar, 2019. According to the result, more people recommended MICA than UCI. I added Northeastern after the survey so there’s no data for that. See ranking methodology for more details.

Since at this moment, there are much more in-person programs than online programs in the US, my guts feeling is that most online programs are lesser known in the industry. If you heard of other perspectives, feel free to share it back in the forum!

What was the reason behind MICA over UCI?

Mina, did you end up attending MICA online? I’m looking into it myself and I’m curious as to your experience if you attended.