Why does UX = Design?

Hi, thank you for making this cool page. I think its a bit misleading for anyone who doesn’t want to work as a UXD though… for example several of these program put out amazing UX Researchers who work at Google. Would you consider renaming your site Top UXD Schools?

Hi uxjulie, thanks for the feedback! Most programs I looked into don’t separate UXD and UXR in their curriculum. They try to cover a wide range of topics so that the students can gravitate toward any field they are interested in, whether it be UXD, UXR, prototyping or even software engineering. In reality, those domains overlap quite a bit too.

With that said, I think “Top UX Schools” captures the goal of the majority of programs, whereas “Top UXD Schools” will be too narrow. :slight_smile:

Totally agree, however your https://www.topuxschool.com/program/ranking says you typed in “Design” so thus defining the ranking by Design.

Hi, if you look at the search result, the Design category includes both UX designer and UX researcher. It’s not in my screenshot, but feel free to try it on LinkedIn by yourself.